Ethernet in the First Mile

EFM Products


This list has been composed from information found on various web sites and information submitted to me by product vendors and users. It is meant as a starting point for people looking for products that can offer EFM-like services. The author does not make any claims regarding the fitness of the listed products for your purposes. The “Standard Compliance” column is based on statements from the vendor or submitter of the information, which have not been verified by the author.

If you wish to submit corrections or new information for inclusion in the product table, please contact the webmaster by email (address at the bottom of this page). Please provide a URL with further info about the product you submit, and indicate whether you are a vendor or a user of the product.

Port TypeCategoryVendorProductStandard ComplianceMore Info
2BASE-TLSwitch/CPEActelisMetaLIGHT 1300/130/50IEEE 802.3ahlink
2BASE-TLSwicht/CPEHatterasHN400/HN4000IEEE 802.3ahlink
2BASE-TLChip SetInfineonSocrates-EFMIEEE 802.3ahlink
2BASE-TLChip SetMetalinkMtS 181/173/142EoSHDSLlink
2BASE-TLChip SetSTMicroelectronicsPeakSHDSLIEEE 802.3ahlink
10PASS-TSCPEConexantTitanium Express Packet CPEpre-standard “EoVDSL”link
10PASS-TSCPEZyXELPrestige 871pre-standard “IP-based VDSL” (DMT)link
10PASS-TSSwitch/CPENetronixVE-682(M)pre-standard “EoVDSL”link
10PASS-TSSwitch/CPESMCTigerAccess™pre-standard “Extended Ethernet”link
10PASS-TSSwitch/CPECisco SystemsCatalyst 2950 LREpre-standard “Long Reach Ethernet”link
10PASS-TSSwitch/CPEZyXELVES-2500pre-standard “EoVDSL”link
10PASS-TSSwitch/CPEExtreme CopperSri3000/SLT1000/NE300/NT300/LT300pre-standard “Long Reach Ethernet”link
10PASS-TSChip SetIkanosCleverConnect 300/600IEEE 802.3ahlink
10PASS-TSChip SetIkanosSmartLeap 8100/8800IEEE 802.3ahlink
10PASS-TSChip SetInfineonVDSL 5100pre-standard “EoVDSL”link
10PASS-TSChip SetMetalinkMtV 9172/9141pre-standard “EoVDSL”link
10PASS-TSChip SetMetanoiaVDSLIEEE 802.3ahlink
100BASE-BX10TransceiverInfineonBIDI®-TRXIEEE 802.3ahlink
1000BASE-BX10TransceiverInfineonBIDI®-TRXIEEE 802.3ahlink
1000BASE-PX20Switch/ONUMegaBit GearFSU6200/FTE6050IEEE 802.3ahlink
1000BASE-PX20Switch/ONUNayna NetworksExpressSTREAMIEEE 802.3ahlink
1000BASE-PX20Switch/ONUSalira2000 PlatformIEEE 802.3ahlink
1000BASE-PX20TransceiverInfineonOptiPort™ SFF Burst Mode BiDi®-TransceiverIEEE 802.3ahlink
1000BASE-PXEPON Chip SetPassavéPAS5001/6001IEEE 802.3ahlink
1000BASE-PXEPON Chip SetTeknovusTK3701/3711/3721IEEE 802.3ahlink

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